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In August of 1980 a simple idea gave birth to a brand new line of automotive accessories. The idea was to protect and aesthetically enhance the looks of automobile dashboards with the very first velour dash cover.

The original velour Dash-Topper® was created not only to protect your dashboard from sun damage and prevent glare on your windshield, but to do so in a far more attractive way than any attempt to that point.

Our quality velour fabric, careful construction, and precise fit soon made a Dash-Topper® dash cover one of the most popular custom automotive accessories. The word spread quickly and before long, Dash-Topper® was recognized as THE LEADER in the velour dashboard cover industry.

As automobile dashboards become more and more complex, we’re committed to constantly improving the design and manufacturing process to provide our customers with the best fitting, best looking, and most durable dash covers available.

Starting with the original velour dashboard cover, we’ve expanded our dash cover selection to include 6 beautiful fabrics with more than 40 fabric and color combinations, including our Poly Carpet dash cover made from recycled material.

We also offer a premium line of custom-fit, all-fabric automotive seat covers, custom sunshades and floor mats, and other automotive fabric accessories. Precision patterns, quality fabrics, careful construction, attention to detail, and rigorous quality control are the reason Dash-Topper® is still setting the standards for quality, fit, and service.