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About Dash-Topper ®

In August of 1980 an idea and an industry was born….
to aesthetically enhance and protect the automobile dash with Dash-Topper ®, the first velour dashboard cover.

Dash-Topper® prevents costly replacement of the dash pad and the premature aging of new dashes. Prior to this innovation, there were only less-than-attractive cover-up attempts…. remember bath towels?

The original velour Dash-Topper® was created not only to protect the dash, but to do so in a far more attractive way than any attempt to that point. Dash-Topper® was soon established as THE SOURCE in the velour dashboard cover industry.

From the original velour dashboard cover, through many years of innovation and refinement, Dash-Topper® is still setting the standards for quality, fit and service.

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